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We offer you the services you need to help you with your personal, family and business financial planning, and we will help you in choosing the most suitable financial solutions for your needs.

Meet the Team

Brian Murray

Brian Murray B.Sc. QFA FLIA APA
(Personal General Insurance)

Qualified Financial Adviser & Fellow of LIA
Phone: +353 (0404) 44862
Mobile: +353 (086) 231 6120
Email: brian@bmfs.ie

Graham Free

Graham Free QFA APA
(Personal General Insurance)
Phone: +353 (0404) 44862
Mobile: +353 (086) 168 3912
Email: graham@bmfs.ie

Jackie Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy QFA
Phone: +353 (0404) 44862
Email: jackie@bmfs.ie

Life Insurance Provider

Why Would You Use Us ?

You have plans for those you care about, and for yourself. Some are immediate, and some are for the future.

To make them happen you’ll generally need enough money at the right times. Financial Planning is all about aligning your finances to:

Investing your time to get this right, and reviewing matters from time to time, is vital. However, like many people, you may find it difficult to find the time and space to do this.

Feedback suggests that, the space we create by getting to discuss your plans and ideas, prompts you to overcome inertia, and take action.

You can use our experience to take valuable insights to this process, and to test your ideas, and then align you finances accordingly.

How we do this, in a business-like, ethical and compliant approach is described in our Terms of Business Notice.